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Aspinwall Velo is a group email list for road rides for those living in and around Aspinwall, PA (near the Highland Park Bridge). Members typically use the email list to organize weekend rides or spur of the moment weekday and off-season weekend rides.

Two basic weekend rides orginate from the email list:

  • The "Big Ride" - this ride leaves Sunday mornings (typically 6AM) and builds to 60 miles. The route changes every week, but mostly follows rural routes away from the city.
  • The "Humane Society Ride" - For those who like to sleep in a little later and ride 20-30 miles. Routes tend to be more urban in nature.

Rides typically orginate from the Fox Chapel Shopping Plaza on Freeport Road or Aspinwall Beans and Cream on Brilliant Avenue.

You can join the email list at Aspinwall Velo Email List