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Dangerous drivers by license plate

This is a listing of license plate numbers and descriptions of dangerous driving as reported by posters on the Bike Pittsburgh message board. If you have additional information (or new incidents) please post them there.

  • Police Department 3904F. Black 4-runner. "Tried to pass me on a steep downhill where there’s not enough room." Negley between Fair Oaks and Wilkins.
  • DDG-9809. Dark blue Sebring convertible. "Ran me off the road." Friendship Ave by West Penn Hospital.
  • DST-2975. White Honda. Buzz along Beechwood Blvd.
  • EMS-4878. Gold Buick Century. Buzz along Forbes near Braddock.
  • ESZ-2591. Large black Jeep SUV. "He buzzed by very close." Schenley Drive next to Pitt library.
  • ESL-2908. White Acura SUV. "Honks for a block, passes within inches." Eleanor.
  • EZS-9977. Silver van. Buzz along Beechwood Blvd.
  • FDR-1233. Silver Nissan Altima. "Laid on the horn and then revved the engine, accelerating past me aggressively and within only a few inches of me (I was all the way over on the right)."
  • FQD-3191. Teal and white Chevy pickup truck (late 80s?) Driver belligerent, yelling "get off the fuckin' road." Crane Ave at Beechview.
  • GFB-2533. Burnt-orange Chevy Cobalt LS. "Two foot pass yelling “move over”." Neville between Centre and Bayard, also Phillips between Wightman and Murray. There are at least two separate reports of this driver menacing cyclists. Photo here.
  • GKX-1414. Silver Kia Forte. "Couldn’t wait 5 seconds to give me more than 6-12 inches of space while passing just to get to a red light." Butler St.
  • GMS-4123. White Nissan Pathfinder. Close pass while I was taking the right (sharrowed) lane on Forbes EB before light at Beechwood.
  • GMX-2485 (second letter could be wrong). Burgundy Volvo. "He buzzed around me on my right (in the bike lane) then swerves towards me (within 6 inches) to yell through his window." Friendship.
  • GWF-3985. Silver 4 door Jeep. "Buzzed me." West Liberty Ave in the city.
  • HBH-3955. Panther Hollow Road, Schenley Park. "This pass was a bit farther away but much faster... the guy concern-trolled me with a bunch of 'Buddy, someone is gonna kill you on the roads. I’m watching out for YOU by honking.'"
  • HFS-1367. Silver car. Buzz along Greenfield Ave.
  • HJW-0777. Red Pontiac Bonneville SSE. Young woman speeding down Baum passed me within inches.
  • HGD-8808. White Chevy Aspen. "She was behind me on the phone and eating, swerving all over the road, tailgating, running up on me and nearly hitting me multiple times." Allegheny River Blvd.
  • HPK-3716. Gold Toyota Camry. "The guy with the horn pulled in behind me. A very threatening situation ensued." Carson towards Beck's Run.
  • HRS-6180. Silver Suzuki Sx4. "Insane driver! I saw this idiot weave into the bike lane so I dodged to my right so they wouldn’t hit me." West Ohio St through Allegheny Commons Park.
  • HTT-9354. Red sedan. "Close pass." Greensburg Pike.
  • HVB-9751. Blue/black Nissan. Very close pass.
  • HZV-1122. Blue converible. "Deliberately passed very close, causing my friend to hit his rear bumper."
  • HZV-7757. Light blue Mercury sedan. "Super aggressive and was driving erratically." 16th St bridge.
  • JBA-1777. Dark green Ford SUV. "Close pass." Greensburg Pike.
  • JBA-7450 Red Chevy Blazer. "Passed me too close and attempted to spit at me." Penn at Main.
  • JBK-5538. "Driver honks a few times then passes me with inches to spare." Greenfield Road, Schenley Park. Another repeat offender. The car appears to be a white Mitsubishi Lancer. A video of a close pass with this car is here.
  • JBM-2521. "Dumb white car. Female screamed at me three times – twice when I passed her and once as she passed me. Very close." Millvale.
  • JBM-1643. Dark blue Lincoln MKX. Yelling and screaming at cyclist on Saline St. near Big Jim's.
  • JHA-2393. "Approached us from behind as we were riding outside of the door zone and layed on his horn. He then passed us within a foot to get to the red light." Negley and Chislett in East Liberty.
  • JRS-0571. Not new tan minivan. Aggressively harassed cyclist taking bike lane on Penn Avenue. White male driver, mid-20s-mid-30s, thin, very short or buzzed hair, pale, either drunk, stoned, or crazy.
  • Miss Jay (vanity plate). "Buzzed in a right hook". Fifth and Robinson.
  • MJK-77. Small silver car. "Stops at the red light, starts shouting, gets out of his car and yells “Next time I’ll run you over!”" Friendship between Penn and Howley.
  • PD 45444R. Black sedan that looked like an airport limo "two older males and one threatened 'I’ll fucking run you over'" Swinburne and Dawson Street going up Dawson towards the Blvd of the Allies - South Oakland.
  • YNS-2844. Dark blue early '90s Ford pickup. Driver physically and verbally threatened N.Side rider.
  • YSB-4993. Dark blue Silverado pickup. "He winds down his window and starts yelling at me for “running the green light”." Beechwood and Beacon.
  • YYV-5149. Big black truck. "Another fucking horn." Millvale.
  • ZBK-7233, pickup truck, intentional <12″ pass, East St at Mt Pleasant. Thirty feet of empty road to his left. Mean sonofabitch.
  • ZDF-1623. Large black truck, FOP tag. "Loud honks, close pass." Butler Street.
  • SV20007. White school minivan. "Passed very close, as if I wasn't even there." Fisk St near Penn Ave.

BikingPgh makes no claims about the accuracy of these reports; this is simply a tabulation of reports, for the convenience of visitors to this site. Actual reports are hosted on the BikePgh message board. If you believe there is an error, please post an inquiry on that board or contact the original poster. To find the original post, use your license plate number as the search key.