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Resources for getting streets and trails properly maintained

Pittsburgh and the surrounding municipalities, as well as Allegheny County, sometimes do a poor job maintaining streets, trails, and bike lanes. Often bike lanes are at the side of roads and the plows end up filling them with road salt and other debris.

Unfortunately it is up to us to report these deficiencies and get them fixed. The fact is, this is a case where "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" -- the more we complain about things, the more likely it is that the maintenance of these facilities will improve. And we need them to improve, so people can get used to riding year-round, even if they don't have the bike handling skills to ride in the street when a bike lane is unplowed.

So please report any problems with streets, trails, or bike lanes to the appropriate authority. Please be persistent.

The #1 resource for bike lane and trail issues in the City of Pittsburgh is the Mayor's contact line, which you can reach by calling 311, or tweeting to @Pgh311, or by filling out the web form at Pittsburgh 311. This will work for bike lanes and trails on city property, such as the Eliza Furnace and Panther Hollow Trails, the lanes downtown on Penn Avenue, and so on.

For streets that are maintained by Allegheny County you can try the Allegheny County Public Works website or call 412-350-2513. If you have time, a phone call is preferable: information on the web form has to be manually routed by the webmaster, while a phone call gets immediate attention.